I have been working in mental health settings for over 7 years, with people from various backgrounds and ages, across the UK. I began supporting students & young people with their mental health, disability, & neurodiversity in 2015 (across various universities in North- West - Greater Manchester & Lancaster).
Since 2018 I have also been working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and/or domestic violence, in various settings and charities across the UK (SafeNet – Lancashire, Concrete & Savana – Staffordshire, NAPAC – Nationally). This required me to undertake trauma-informed training and allowed me to become a trauma informed therapist.
In my current work outside private practice, I offer single sessions of therapy, where I offer a safe, confidential space for clients to explore what is occurring for them in the here and now, as well as what has or has not worked out so far in looking after themselves. I also conduct comprehensive mental health and risk assessments with clients, to establish the best therapeutic approach suitable for them going forward, given their emotional, psychological needs.
My work experience allows me to facilitate conversations with you as a client, where we can identify together what works for you and if this is the right therapeutic space for you. Across all my experience I worked collaboratively with people, and supported them in building their confidence, learning about themselves. Diversity and inclusion also played a big role in my work so far, which allows me to confidently explore any impact of multiculturalism, neurodiversity, and differences on your wellbeing.
Training & Qualifications
My training has been focused on Person Centred Therapy, as well as elements of other approaches in therapy (as you will see below), allowing me to deliver counselling and psychotherapy in an integrative way. This means that throughout our work together, I draw on my knowledge and below training, along with my understanding of personal development to support you to the best of my ability.
Master of Science in Counselling & Psychotherapy at Keele University. Trained in:
Person-centred Therapy (PCT);
Solution-focused Therapy (SFT);
Cognitive-behavioural Therapy (CBT).
Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Lancaster University. Educated in:
Societal stigma;
Diversity and inclusivity;
Psychological labelling and its impact on an individuals' mental wellbeing.
Further Training
Certificate in Rape Crisis – Trauma-Informed Counselling;
Certificate in Working with children;
Level 3 Training in Safeguarding Adults, Children and Vulnerable Adults;
Certificate in Level 1 (Foundation) as a CBT Practitioner;
I also often attend Continuous Professional Development workshops, where I develop further skills to work with difficulties most of my clients may experience. Workshops I attended so far focused on:
Single Sessions Therapies on topics such as Resilience & Jealousy;
Workshops on working with Neurodiversity, GSRD (Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity), Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm, Building Trust, Anxiety, Procrastination, Multilingual Clients;
Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma;
As a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy), I always ensure that my work with you is safe, and conducted to high ethical standard. If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me below.

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